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One Punch Man Watch Online Trailer

One Punch Man Watch Online Trailer
  • One Punch Man
  • OnePunchMan
  • ワンパンマン
  • OPM
TV Series
Came out
Comedy, Parody, Supernatural, Super Power, Seinen, Sci-Fi, Action
Original Source
Web manga
Fall 2015
5 october 2015 to 21 december 2015
Madhouse Studios
MPAA Rating
24 minutes ~ series
Voice acting
AniLibria, AniFilm, SHIZA Project, AniMedia, 2x2, JAM CLUB
Natsume Singo
Based on the manga
Original author
Genos (voiced by Ishikawa Kaito )
Saitama (voiced by Furukawa Makoto )

We are all used to comics filled with various villains, madmen with a plan to take over the planet, and other troubles. The city of Zet City has long been accustomed to this kind of event, constant invaders from other worlds, and other disasters. The most important thing is that a superhero always appears on time, who will cope with all the problems and defeat all the villains. Such a hero is a guy named Saitama. Only he stands out from the general background in the life of a typical comic book city. He is short, cannot behave pompously enough, and does not speak pompous speeches. Moreover, our hero's appearance consists of simple clothes, and there is not a single hair on his head.

In the past, Saitama was an ordinary person who lost his job. Only thanks to his patience and constant training, the main character was able to become the most powerful hero in the world in three years. To defeat the enemy, it is enough for him to hit the opponent just once, as he will be defeated. But now he has a serious problem - there are no worthy rivals, and now all this superhero life has turned into a real routine for him.

One Punch Man Watch Online TrailerOne Punch Man Watch Online TrailerOne Punch Man Watch Online Trailer

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