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Steins;Gate Watch Online Trailer

Steins; Gate Watch Online Trailer
  • Steins; Gate
  • Steins;Gate
  • シュタインズ・ゲート
  • シュタゲ
TV Series
Came out
Thriller, Science Fiction
Original Source
Visual novel
Spring 2011
6 april 2011 to 14 september 2011
White Fox
MPAA Rating
24 minutes ~ series
Voice acting
AniDUB, AniLibria, SHIZA Project, AniMedia
Hamasaki Hiroshi , Sato Takuya
Based on the manga
Stein's Gate
Original author
Shikura Chiyomaru, 5pb., Nitroplus
Itaru Hasida (voiced by Seki Tomokazu )
Kurisu Makise (voiced by Imai Asami )
Rintaro Okabe (voiced by Miyano Mamoru )
Mayuri Shina (voiced by Hanazawa Kana )

Akihabara is a very interesting place where strange personalities live, slightly, and sometimes completely sick in the head. And already in the "laboratory of the problems of time," a particularly crazy company has gathered. It is headed by the eccentric and insane scientist Rintaro Okabe, who decided to fight the world conspiracy at 18. The team also has a professional hacker - chubby anime lover Itaru Hasida, cosplayer and childhood friend Rintaro Mayuri Shina, young genius Kurisu Makise. Together, these crazy adventurers created a time machine from a simple microwave and junk. We also recommend watch: Shingeki No Kyojin Picture Drama Watch Online Trailer

This great and unusual discovery delighted them until Rindaru foolishly decided to open the Stein Gate. Have you heard of time paradoxes? Everything turned out to be much more dangerous than expected! The guys incredibly regretted what they had done, but they can't turn back. To risk your life to save others? No problem, but they were not ready to put the lives of innocent people on the line. Is it possible to fix everything and turn fate in a different direction? They will have to find out about this themselves, going on a dangerous and unrealistically exciting adventure.

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